Friday, April 1, 2011

Mumbo Jumbo Makes a Watery Stew

Hocus pocus, glockenspiel.
Riki Tiki Tavi makes me squeal.
Hey this pickle, is it dill?
My testicles they feel unreal.

Ixnay on the Obi Wan!
{My best friend's dog is Genghis Khan.}
For a Star Wars theme now mention Han...
The Falcon, she's an ugly swan.

Mumbo jumbo hullabaloo.
Did you know my love is true?
It's not my fault. I'm rubber glue.
I bounce around but stick to you.
[And you.} <And you.> |And you.|

Can you taste the atmosphere?
Feel the heartbeats getting near?
Do you know the thing you fear?
Harshest pain or warmest beer?

Don't ask questions. Live the lie.
And if you question, don't ask why
That angry man he had to die.
I love the glow of a napalm sky.

Cadavers dance upon the throne.
Bill Bixby has an ice cream cone.
Who built the Arc? Hey, was it Joan?
Now suddenly I feel alone.

Porky Pig likes barbecue.
I wonder how he'd season you?
Paprika, just a pinch or two?
He thinks you'd make a tasty stew.

Someone out there's watching me.
Or could it be insanity?
But I'm not crazy, don't you see?
It's just my mind is finally...

Freedom is an ugly curse.
But tyranny is even worse.
Either way it fills the purse,
Fills the tank and fills the hearse.

I know the rules but play no game.
I know the face; forget the name.
You are not the one you claim.
Your secret safe within your shame.

Spirits that are tempting you
Mesmerize you with voodoo.
You are a pawn of you-know-who.
It isn't AIDS, it's just the flu.

Who are you weirdos mocking me?
Get out of here, now go quickly!
Oh wait a sec, who has my key?
So this is how it's gonna be?

Guess I knew it all along.
Before I even wrote this song.
I meant "poem"! Ban ping-pong!
Google this: Falun Gong!

Hocus pocus, glockenspiel.
You must have had some time to kill.
You made it through, hey, what's the deal?
My testicles still feel unreal.

The End. Or something much like it.

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