Thursday, April 12, 2012

Make Up Your Mind (Mr. Sunshine)

Make up your mind, Mr. Sunshine,
Are you going to shine on me today?
What do you say, will you come out to play
And bathe me in your golden rays?

It seems so unfair, as if you don't care,
The way you are here and then gone away.
So what do you say, will you wait here and stay?
Will you stick by my side, come what may?

Now here comes the moon... Where was he at noon?
So now you are leaving, the sky still gray?
I feel the decay of the night eat away
At even the warmth that you gave me today.

If you were my friend you would stay till the end,
Yet you disappear each and every day.
And then your display, so often waylaid,
Must leave me the world in a darker shade.